Fitness club and gym in the hotel ➤ Befine


A modern gym is located on the territory of Be Fine country complex. It has been open since the opening of the hotel and is available to all guests. To meet the needs of guests, the key criterion for the arrangement was a high quality and variety of training devices. Regardless of whether you come for a corporate or family vacation, the schedule of your sports activities will not be disrupted. The gym in the hotel is equipped with modern equipment.

Work schedule and conditions of the gym

The gym in the hotel is open to all guests; you can train independently in a suitable rhythm or just keep fit. The gym is equipped with all the necessary training devices for different complexity and intensity. Be Fine purchased the best sports equipment.

It is, first of all, convenient for guests if a hotel has a gym. Guests can not just relax, but also do sports:

  • Keep oneself in good shape.
  • Train efficiently.
  • Visit weight loss classes.

The hotel’s gym guarantees maximum comfort, there is no need to look for a fitness room in other places. Sports classes are held directly on the territory of the hotel and will allow you to get your body in shape on vacation.

How do you join the Be Fine Hotel fitness room?

Be Fine country hotel in the mountains is one of the few that provides fitness services. The service is available to everyone; the cost of accommodation includes a completely free visit. It allows you to conduct any kind of training, looks attractive and meets the safety requirements. For more detailed information, please call the number listed on the website, or contact the administration upon arrival.