Rest with karaoke at the hotel - Karaoke service at the ➤Befine hotel


Be Fine country complex is ideal for family pastime. On-site entertainment is available for both children and teenagers, as well as for adults. While children are playing in the kids’ space, parents can have a good time playing billiards or visiting karaoke. The hotel has its own fan club open for all guests.

Features of karaoke at the hotel

Guests are sure to enjoy karaoke on the territory of Be Fine. The cozy hall has a beautiful design and is equipped with modern audio equipment. Appropriate for any event:

  • Individual visit.
  • Corporate holidays.
  • Family celebrations.

Guests may visit a full-fledged karaoke room equipped with an audio system, and enjoy an exceptional customer service.

The service is offered exclusively to guests, booking and payment are made in advance. The karaoke club is located in one of the buildings, has an unusual design and a beautiful appearance. Guests can enjoy listening to their favorite songs while relaxing on comfortable armchairs.

The advantage of karaoke at the Be Fine Hotel

Be Fine mountain resort hotel is considered one of the best in Almaty and is very popular. The hotel has its own karaoke, which has a number of advantages:

  • Modern equipment.
  • Affordable price.
  • Attractive interior.

You should book in advance, as the karaoke club is a favorite place for many people. For more detailed information, please call the number listed on the website, or contact the administration upon arrival.