Sauna and pool in the mountains in the hotel ➤ BeFine

Pools and saunas

Travelers who plan their vacation and choose a comfortable place to stay, pay their attention to a range of services offered by hotels. We have a tempting SPA service for our guests – hammam and sauna in the mountains of Almaty city, because it’s a wonderful place to chill and unwind. Another advantage of the Be Fine hotel complex is a swimming pool. Especially in winter, when there is no opportunity to swim in the open ponds. Mountain hotels of Almaty city with a swimming pool in winter are in particular demand.

Choose a hotel with a sauna and a swimming pool: recommendations and rules

To make sure that the vacation spot is suitable for you, before booking a room:

  • study in detail the website of the hotel and services offered and prices;
  • look through all of the suggested pictures;
  • look at the rating and reviews of the potential vacation spot.

You should also know:

  • type of sauna;
  • conditions: temperature and humidity;
  • number of seats;
  • visiting rules.

To choose a mountain hotel with a swimming pool in Almaty city you should know:

  • type of pool (outdoor or indoor);
  • size and depth;
  • conditions of a full training session;
  • the possibility of visiting with children.

Why we are the best option for your vacation

Be Fine mountain hotel, in addition to comfortable rooms and great views of the mountains, is pleased to offer its guests a range of services for an unforgettable vacation, these include:

  1. Steam hammam or Turkish bath – bathing procedure, which maintains high humidity and temperature no higher than 45-50°C, which has no stress on the body and moreover is very useful. Bath is popular with people who cannot tolerate high heat for health reasons. Steam hammam has a healing effect and allows you to immerse yourself in a feeling of relaxation and peace.
  2. Finnish sauna is a more extreme bathing complex, which maintains rather dry air (10-15% humidity) and the temperature reaches 100°С. Such heat stimulates the removal of toxins from the body, increases blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs, and most importantly – is an effective method against fatigue.

Befine is a hotel with a swimming pool in Almaty city, the visit of which is perfect for both lovers of relaxation and connoisseurs of active recreation. Its size is 25 x 8 meters, which corresponds to the size of a professional (semi-Olympic) swimming pool.

If you choose our hotel, we will please you with quality service, variety of services and reasonable prices.